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Vylon® Slipliner Pipe

Long-term system performance.

Low maintenance costs.


Underground Solutions is proud to be the exclusive U.S. distributor of Vylon® Slipliner Pipe, a product equipped with outstanding features that assure long-term system performance and low maintenance costs.

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For more information, contact Dave Gellings, Product Manager, at dgellings@azuria.com.

  1. Structural Strength

    The PVC in Vylon Slipliner pipe conforms to cell class 12364 as defined by ASTM D-1784. This high modulus material gives Vylon Slipliner pipe the toughness necessary for installation in trenchless technology applications. Vylon Slipliner pipe combines this high modulus compound with an I-beam profile to provide a pipe stiffness of 46 psi, which meets all the requirements of ASTM F-1803. It’s not just a lining; it’s a whole new pipe.

  2. Easy Installation

    Vylon Slipliner pipe can be quickly installed into existing pipes while they are in operation: there is no need for by-pass pumping and the associated high cost. This minimizes interference with existing utilities, environment, traffic, or congested living and working areas and provides greater construction productivity.

  3. Joint Integrity

    The most advantageous characteristic of this innovative slipliner pipe is its unique gasketed joint system. This system provides a tight seal that meets the requirements of ASTM D-3212, the same standard required for all thermoplastic gravity flow sewer pipe. In addition, the innovative flush coupling design allows easy passage inside the host pipe.

  4. Superior Hydraulics

    Vylon Slipliner pipe has a Manning "n" coefficient of 0.009. This low value will often allow a sliplined pipe to carry as much, and probably more, flow than the existing pipe, particularly if you consider the deteriorated condition of the existing host pipe.