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Cured-in-Place Pipe | CIPP

Better. Faster. Reliable Rehabilitation.

Our experience and product portfolio allows us to confidently manage large projects in high profile and environmentally sensitive areas. Our companies have worked with municipalities, engineering firms and contractors throughout the world for more than 50 years rehabilitating valuable underground infrastructure. This includes our flagship Insituform® CIPP system for gravity wastewater systems.

  1. Easy installation

    Our trenchless CIPP solutions are quick to install with the ability to go where dig-and-replace methods can't. Our CIPP products have been used to renew pipelines beneath interstates, bridges, busy roadways, airports and military installations with CIPP without disrupting traffic.

  2. Designed for Unique Project Specifications

    Our CIPP tube is designed to meet individual project specifications, and our manufacturing capabilities are certified to the ISO 9001:2015 standard by SAI Global (Certificate No.: CERT-0101077), with each tube tracked from start to finish. In addition, our regional distribution system helps keep transportation costs of CIPP tubes to a minimum.

  3. Cost Effective

    Rehabilitating pipelines with CIPP is often less expensive and can be completed in a shorter timeframe than traditional dig and replace methods. This reduces labor costs and the need for site restoration. CIPP generates less waste compared to traditional pipe replacement methods, reducing disposal costs. CIPP can also repair pipes without having to replace connected systems, reducing further costs associated with rehabilitation.

  4. Longevity

    CIPP liners are made from durable materials that are resistant to corrosion, abrasion and other factors that can cause pipe deterioration. The design life of Insituform CIPP is graded at 50 years or more. Many CIPP installations have been in service for 30+ years with minimal maintenance requirements during that time. When properly installed and maintained, CIPP can solve your pipeline issues for half a century or longer.

  5. Improved Water Quality

    CIPP can prevent infiltration and exfiltration of groundwater into pipes, improving water quality and reducing the risk of contamination. CIPP seals cracks, joints and leaks in pipes and forms a seamless and jointless pipe-within-a-pipe. This reduces the risk of bacteria buildup further improving water quality.

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