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Primus Line®

The Prime Solution for Pressure Pipe

Potable Water Liner: Rädlinger primus line GmbH's Primus Line flow characteristics make it the ideal solution for rehabilitating aging water pipelines from 6” – 20”.

Municipalities and operators can count on a reliable and economical investment in their fixed assets:

  • Certified installers across North America available to bid work
  • Stringent manufacturing process, highest QA/QC standards
  • Robust polyethylene and aramid fiber tube construction
  • 50-year minimum product design life
  • Continuous installs up to 8,200 feet
  • More than 2.1M feet installed worldwide since 2001
  • Rated up to 1,189 PSI

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The Yellow Thread - Rädlinger Primus Line GmbH

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Download our latest Primus Line brochure.



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