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Primus Line® Pipe Liner System

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The Cost-Effective and Eco-Friendly Pressurized Pipe Rehabilitation Solution

The Primus Line® system is designed to make the rehabilitation of pressure pipes faster, safer, and more flexible. Beyond its ability to achieve multiple line bends of up to 90 degrees, Primus Line® liners have an inner layer roughness of k = 0.001102 inches, increasing the flow velocity and volume while easily navigating bends and curves in the environment. With its robust polyethylene and aramid fiber tube construction, Primus Line® systems provide durable rehabilitation for at least 50 years.

High Flexibility

Enhanced Safety


Improved Cost Efficiency

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With over 50 years of experience and an extensive product portfolio, Azuria offers Primus Line® pipe liner systems for pressurized applications, strengthening and rehabilitating existing pipelines. We work tirelessly in many industries to rehabilitate, not replace, vital pipe systems and infrastructures. Contact our experts today to find the best trenchless rehabilitation solution for your application.

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Rehabilitate Aging Water Pipelines with Primus Line®

Primus Line® systems are held to the highest quality standards, and with continuous installation lengths of up to 8,200 feet, the necessary number of excavation pits is reduced. The liner is designed as a new pipe inside the existing pipe, with a three-layered composition and minimal wall thickness of 0.24 to 0.31 inches that protects against mechanical forces and chemicals. Primus Line® is ideal for pressurized pipe systems, commonly used in water, gas, oil, and petrochemical distribution systems. With Primus Line®, Azuria helps municipalities and operators access a reliable and economical trenchless rehabilitation solution.

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