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Reliable Corrosion Control.


Our Business

Corrpro is an international provider of multi-discipline cathodic protection engineering and technical services offering an integrated asset protection and preservation capability, focused primarily on corrosion processes and cathodic protection. Our technical teams are routinely called upon to solve complex situations involving operational and mechanical integrity of assets. At Corrpro, we are dedicated to enabling the owners and operators of energy, infrastructure and utility network assets – through use of our advanced technologies and systems solutions – to more successfully plan, manage and leverage the value of their assets to achieve their business vision.

Our People

One of our greatest assets is our people. We have a staff of more than 560 highly qualified and skilled cathodic protection professionals who offer a wealth of experience. Their professionalism and dedication enhance the achievement of business goals with maximum efficiency. Corrpro combines a tradition of technical and service excellence with a reputation for delivering solutions with real commercial impact. 

Our Services

Corrpro’s corrosion specialists routinely conduct corrosivity studies as part of engineering design projects and assist with the selection of the most suitable materials (metallic and non-metallic) for a specific operating condition. In many cases, anti-corrosion coatings may be recommended to provide a barrier between metal surfaces and aggressive environments. Corrpro supplies a wide range of consultancy services that includes the application of advanced engineering expertise, hazard and risk mitigation, integrity management, asset optimization, legislative compliance and due diligence.

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Azuria is the world infrastructure rehabilitation leader providing products, solutions and services across many vertical markets to rehabilitate aging infrastructure. Be a part of our pioneering efforts and apply today.

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