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Introducing Aegion University


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Aegion University (AU) was established in 2023 to formalize and institutionalize our investment in employees. Our programs include a long-established-but-refreshed curriculum and new programs designed for those in boots-on-the-ground jobs to manager and executive roles.


We train 200 people in the first year in two programs to create the best teams in the world at what they do:

  • Supervisor Safety & Quality Training (SSQT): This week-long, annual course brings operations, manufacturing, R&D and commercial teams together annually for best practices and technology sharing for more than 100 supervisors, field engineers, and project managers.
  • Leadership Development Program (LDP): This five-month program is designed to develop managers in their current role while building a pipeline for the next generation of company leadership. In partnership with Harvard Business School (HBS), we hone general management skills with peers from a broad range of industries; develop financial skills; focus on a deep understanding of our core business requirements; and establish KPIs.


Classes of 20 complete online HBS coursework and assigned reading; the group meets in person three times at our HQ, manufacturing, and R&D sites with the CEO, Senior Leadership, members of the board, and the Aegion ownership group throughout.


Aegion University presents a great opportunity for current employees and is a great way to welcome and engage with new employees from ongoing acquisitions to make them more effective members of the team.