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Azuria's portfolio includes reinforced CIPP, Fusible PVC® and HDPE lining systems for use in forcemain applications. Our products are fully structural and can handle high pressure environments:

  • Glass-reinforced liner for pressure applications iMain (pressure)
  • Glass-reinforced liner for gravity applications (iPlus)

  1. Improved Performance

    Pipeline rehabilitation can improve the performance of existing pipes, as the new lining material can be selected to provide specific properties, such as increased resistance to certain chemicals, enhanced flexibility, or increased strength.

  2. Extended Life Of Your Infrastructure

    Pipeline rehabilitation can extend the lifespan of existing pipes by providing a protective layer that prevents corrosion and extends resistance to environmental stress.

  3. Better Load Distribution

    Newer lining materials have improved properties compared to the original pipes. This can increase the resistance of the pipelines to external loads, such as ground movement, and provide a more effective means of absorbing and distributing these loads.

  4. Minimal Disruption

    Aegion’s rehabilitation solutions can be installed with minimal disruption to normal operations and the surrounding environment.

  5. Solutions For A Variety of Host Pipe Types

    The Azuria brands offer solutions to rehabilitate aging infrastructure in the municipal, oil, gas, and other industrial markets. Different solutions for different challenges for long-lasting performance..