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Small Diameter Rehabilitation

Insituform is a worldwide provider of pipeline protection products. With over 50 years in the industry, our experience is unmatched and we address your top concerns.

A large number of pipes, sewers and drainage systems running under industrial plants are approaching or have exceeded their expected design life. A pipe collapse can have catastrophic effects on plant operations, the budget and your bottom line. Azuria .

Insituform can help you avoid the costs of a failure or downtime by proactively maintaining and protecting your underground assets. As a pioneer in the trenchless pipeline repair industry, Insituform’s affordable solutions renew and extend the life of underground piping and drainage structures.

  1. Experience

    More than 25,000 miles of pipe have been rehabilitated with Insituform® CIPP.

  2. High-quality products

    We have received ISO 9001 certification for design, manufacturing, installation and service.

  3. Technical support

    In-house research, engineering and materials expertise allow Insituform to tailor a solution to handle even the most complex pipeline problems.

  4. Responsibility

    As a vertically integrated company, Insituform is responsible for every aspect of our product.

  5. Operational impact

    Insituform’s trenchless products require little digging and limited access,